The Pragmatic PM(P)

Building on our last post “On Considering PMP Certified Project Managers” we thought it would be appropriate to share some depth and breadth around what it means to be a pragmatic project manager (PMP certified, or otherwise). This, in support of your efforts to engage highly effective Project Management resources on a contract/consulting or full-time basis, as well as ensuring overall success of your project teams.


To support the above, I’d like to introduce our guest writer (Dawie Steenkamp, PhD, PMP) who has to be the most seasoned PM I’ve become acquainted with, other than when looking in the mirror…

Dawie comes to us with SIGNIFICANT academic training and real-world PM experience.

Over 35 years ago Dawie changed the direction of his career from Mechanical Engineering to IT, spending roughly 15 years performing various IT development and management roles before focusing on Project Management. During that time he completed a degree in computer science. Prior to his move to Project Management, he received the ‘Consultant of the year’ award for his outstanding performance as a senior technical consultant. During his third year performing as Project Manager, he again received the ‘Consultant of the year’ award, acknowledging his PM proficiency. At that stage he began a Project Management training program to add academic knowledge to the practical experience gained through his IT career. Over the next thirteen years he completed the following degrees:

  • Associate Degree – Web Project Management – (GPA = 4.0)
  • Bachelor Degree – IT Project management – Summa Cum Laude (GPA = 4.0)
  • Master Degree – IT Project Management and Leadership – (GPA = 4.0)
  • PhD – Project Management – with Distinction

During his PhD program he received the Dr. Harold Kerzner Grant, from the Project Management Institute (PMI) for his coursework to apply towards his Dissertation research. When completing his PhD degree, he became a Scholar Practitioner and continued his Project Management career.

In summary, Dawie has quite literally knocked it clean out of the park at each juncture! And, I’m pleased to introduce this caliber of person who has authored the series on The Pragmatic PM(P). In this series we will cover the following Project Management topics, emphasizing how each is approached and/or considered by the Pragmatic PM(P).

  1. Project Definitions
  2. Project Implementation within Organizations
  3. Project Teams
  4. Project Communications
  5. Project Motivation
  6. Relationships between Communication and Motivation
  7. Different Perceptions
  8. Knowledge Management
  9. Project Estimation and Budgeting
  10. System Development within Organizations
  11. Project Risk Management
  12. Methodologies
  13. Project Plan Summary

In closing, you’ll note that we have a lot to cover. Our goal is to present each topic in bite-sized form that can be easily digested while remaining incredibly useful.

All the best!

Craig Bailey

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